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Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine’s effect is similar to the slogan of a popular chips brand: once you pop, you cannot stop. When people try sniffing or injecting cocaine for the first few times, they will feel the best sensations in the world: alertness, exhilaration, bliss, euphoria, ecstasy, the highest of the highs. After this feeling, however, is a nightmare: anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, lack of sleep. The rush of nice feelings brought by first few tries will definitely missed, until users lose their sense of control and find difficultly in escaping from the pleasurable and seemingly endless cycles of dream and nightmare.

Cocaine dependents, regardless of the reason of their addiction, should seek or be compelled to seek cocaine treatment and rehabilitation. Prolonged abuse of cocaine, as mentioned elsewhere, can result to mental problems and life-threatening diseases. Overdose of cocaine can make people lose their sanity and sense of reality, turning them into violent and panicky individuals experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations. Users who ingest cocaine develop gastrointestinal diseases, and while those who inhale cocaine catch heart, lung, and blood disorders.

Cocaine Treatment includes substance detoxification, a process wherein all traces of the substance inside the body are gradually taken out through natural withdrawal methods and medical prescriptions. During the detoxification, users are also required to attend solo and group counseling sessions wherein they can assess and discuss their troubles, problems, and future plans.


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